Solid CBN indexable inserts Model:RCMN190700

Solid CBN indexable inserts Model:RCMN190700

Solid CBN insert is produced by CBN powder and bonding material under high temperature and high pressure,with no carbide substrate

  • Product No.: 圆形整体立方氮化硼刀片


Solid CBN indexable inserts


1.PCBN blanks imported from DI,E6

2.PCBN blanksHardness:2500-4500 HV

3.Top quality as world leading meanufactuers,

4. Machining work piece hardness from HRC 45 to 60..

5. High abrasive resistance and long service life.

6. big quantity in stock.


Application Introduction of cbn turning inserts:


Application Speed Feed Rate Depth of Cutting
(m/min) (mm/rev) (mm)
Hardened Steel (HRC 50-67) 50-150 0.05-0.12 ~0.2
Gray cast iron (About HB200) 500-1000 0.1-0.5 ~3.0
Super hard cast iron (HRC 50-64) 50-100 0.1-0.3 ~2.5
Powder metallurgy workpiece 80-200 0.03-0.2 ~1.0
Thermal spray coating workpiece 50-150 0.1-1.0 ~2.5
Carbide HRA=80-88 (with Co>15%) 5-40 0.05-0.2 ~0.3

Processed Materials: hardened steel, grey cast iron, chill cast iron, powder metallurgy work-piece, thermal spray coating work piece and others,

Engineering Features of cbn turning inserts:


High hardness and abrasive resistance.   

High thermo stability and high heat resistance. High chemical resistance stability.

Replaces grinding with turning with work efficiency improved by 5 to 10 times.

Dry cutting without cutting fluid to avoid environmental pollutiion.

High speed cutting and high precision machining.
Packaging Details:Two Pieces or Ten Pieces in a box,Plastic box inside, cartons outside


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